Rides + Lessons

Ride (with tack/untack):                             30-45 minutes                         $45.00
Ride (owner tacks/untacks):                      30-45 minutes                         $40.00
Lesson:                                                        45 minutes                            $55.00
Private lesson on school horse:                     45 minutes                          $75.00

General Care

Turn out without boots:                           5 days a week                         $65.00 / Monthly
Turn out with boots:                                 5 days a week                         $75.00 / Monthly
Basic lunge in halter without boots:        15  minutes                            $10.00 / Per lunge
Schooling lunge with boots (groom):        20  minutes                             $15.00 / Per lunge
Pessoa work w/ trainer:                           30 minutes                              $25.00
Hand walk:                                               20 minutes                              $10.00 / Walk
Blanketing:                                                                                              $70.00 / Month
Turnout per day:                                                                                      $5.00 / Day
Tack up/untack:                                                                                       $10.00/Day
Bandage / wraps:                                                                                    $5.00/Day



Monthly bucket (6 days/week):                                                                $65.00 / month
Lunch bucket daily / medicine:                                                                $3.00 / day
Hay net:                                                                                                   $2.00/day
Daily water plus clean (extra bucket in addition to auto water):              $40.00/month
Hay fed daily for lunch (client provides hay) :                                           $30.00/month

Full Training

$625 A MONTH

·       Includes training and  instruction for both horse and rider 4 days a week.

·       Includes grooming services only on days trainer rides. 


Full Grooming

$350 A MONTH

·       Horse will be tacked and untacked for the rider

·       Full training discounted $100 if horse in full grooming

·       Bathing, trimming (does not include body clipping or mane pulling), turnouts, lunges, blanketing, wrapping and weekly laundry

·       Administration of extra feed and supplements (extra feed will be billed at cost or purchased directly by client).