Hamilton Equestrian Group

Horses are a passion we all work hard to enjoy.

At Hamilton Equestrian Group (HEG), we honor that truism with a distinctive approach to the care as well as the training of our riders and their equine partners.

The supportive, professional, and friendly barn atmosphere is one in which every rider can pursue their individual interests and thrive. Although Trainer and Instructor Tricia Hamilton’s focus is on dressage, riders of all disciplines are welcome. Tricia’s own background is in three-day eventing and the United States Pony Club, both of which continue to influence her teaching, training and horsemanship. While HEG offers full and partial training, our a la carte services enable clients to tailor a program suited to their needs and budget.

As phonics is to language, dressage is to riding.
Classical dressage training integrating trail riding, gymnastics and jumping to build a well-rounded horse and rider.

Similarly, HEG offers full as well as partial grooming and daycare services. However, clients are encouraged to manage any or all aspects of their horse’s care. The services of our professional groom, Francisco Agular, are available to clients, and HEG also has the help of Kiley Lampier and Jonnelle Lewin, who assist with barn management, grooming services and lessons.  Together, Kiley and Jonnelle have over 30 years of experience in the hunter/jumper discipline and the care and maintenance of our equine friends.


Tricia Hamilton

A rider for over 30 years, Tricia Hamilton’s passion for the sport runs deep. 

Her career began at the age of 8 with the Woodland Hills Pony Club, where she studied with Hilda Gurney and Brian Sabo. Through the United States Pony Club, she achieved a “B” rating and competed up to Preliminary Level eventing as well as 4th-level dressage.  In 20xx, Tricia earned her Bronze USDF Medal in dressage, and she plans to finish her Silver Medal in 2017.

An advocate for continuing education, Tricia encourages her clients to attend clinics. 

Having an open mind and an open heart is key to learning.
Do what you say, believe in yourself, be kind to fellow riders, always keep an open mind and never give up.

Tricia earned her B.A. in Speech Communication from California State University, Northridge and worked for the Walt Disney Company in Human Resources for nine years.  She understands the importance of communication and service, and believes her education and job experience offer a solid background for running a service-oriented equestrian business. 

The mother of two teenage boys, Tricia recognizes the need of a work-life balance.  She’s an active coach for the Crescenta Valley Mountain Bike Team, and enjoys riding her dirt bike and Bikram Yoga in her spare time.  She is married to Eric Hamilton of Crescenta Valley Insurance, and together they enjoy many outdoor activities, including biking, camping and community service.  


The goal of HEG is to strengthen the partnership between horse and rider through:

1. The understanding and application of classical dressage, for both horse and rider, to develop an understanding of the training pyramid. 

 2. Connection, balance, trust, partnership and confidence

3.  Trail riding – cross-training is important for the mental and physical well-being of the horse and rider.

4.  Gymnastics – trot poles and small jumps help develop a horse’s strength, balance and mind.  It also gives them “another job.”

5.  Continuing education by attending clinics and shows.

6. Positive attitude and communication. 






Hacienda deL Valle

12640 North Little Tujunga Canyon Road, Lake View Terrace CA 91342

The ranch is under new ownership and management.  Please stop by to see some of the improvements and changes.  




Tricia Hamilton


barn: 818 897 8888
cell: 818 618 6145

Details about the ranch


Client Gallery

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Amy Barnard on her Thoroughbred, Beau


At the Barn


Rides + Lessons

Ride (with tack/untack):                             30-45 minutes                         $45.00
Ride (owner tacks/untacks):                      30-45 minutes                         $40.00
Lesson:                                                        45 minutes                            $55.00
Private lesson on school horse:                     45 minutes                          $75.00

General Care

Turn out without boots:                           5 days a week                         $65.00 / Monthly
Turn out with boots:                                 5 days a week                         $75.00 / Monthly
Basic lunge in halter without boots:        15  minutes                            $10.00 / Per lunge
Schooling lunge with boots (groom):        20  minutes                             $15.00 / Per lunge
Pessoa work w/ trainer:                           30 minutes                              $25.00
Hand walk:                                               20 minutes                              $10.00 / Walk
Blanketing:                                                                                              $70.00 / Month
Turnout per day:                                                                                      $5.00 / Day
Tack up/untack:                                                                                       $10.00/Day
Bandage / wraps:                                                                                    $5.00/Day



Monthly bucket (6 days/week):                                                                $65.00 / month
Lunch bucket daily / medicine:                                                                $3.00 / day
Hay net:                                                                                                   $2.00/day
Daily water plus clean (extra bucket in addition to auto water):              $40.00/month
Hay fed daily for lunch (client provides hay) :                                           $30.00/month

Full Training

$625 A MONTH

·       Includes training and  instruction for both horse and rider 4 days a week.

·       Includes grooming services only on days trainer rides. 


Full Grooming

$350 A MONTH

·       Horse will be tacked and untacked for the rider

·       Full training discounted $100 if horse in full grooming

·       Bathing, trimming (does not include body clipping or mane pulling), turnouts, lunges, blanketing, wrapping and weekly laundry

·       Administration of extra feed and supplements (extra feed will be billed at cost or purchased directly by client).