Hamilton Equestrian Group

Horses are a passion we all work hard to enjoy.

At Hamilton Equestrian Group (HEG), we honor that truism with a distinctive approach to the care as well as the training of our riders and their equine partners.

The supportive, professional, and friendly barn atmosphere is one in which every rider can pursue their individual interests and thrive. Although Trainer and Instructor Tricia Hamilton’s focus is on dressage, riders of all disciplines are welcome. Tricia’s own background is in three-day eventing and the United States Pony Club, both of which continue to influence her teaching, training and horsemanship. While HEG offers full and partial training, our a la carte services enable clients to tailor a program suited to their needs and budget.

As phonics is to language, dressage is to riding.
Classical dressage training integrating trail riding, gymnastics and jumping to build a well-rounded horse and rider.

Similarly, HEG offers full as well as partial grooming and daycare services. However, clients are encouraged to manage any or all aspects of their horse’s care. The services of our professional groom, Francisco Agular, are available to clients, and HEG also has the help of Kiley Lampier and Jonnelle Lewin, who assist with barn management, grooming services and lessons.  Together, Kiley and Jonnelle have over 30 years of experience in the hunter/jumper discipline and the care and maintenance of our equine friends.